Commercial Floor Coating Services in Minneapolis

Surface Pros Flooring Services

We understand that each space has a unique set of needs in regards to coating systems and projects. Whether your space is industrial or commercial, we will create a cost effective, customized, and long lasting solution that will continue to be attractive for years to come.

Interior Solutions

Our team of experts at Surface Pros use our experience and resources to come up with efficient floor coating solutions available for both short and long term. Our methods also provide a more beneficial alternative to flooring options such as concrete or ceramic tile.

  • Low Maintenance:Our floor options are easy to clean and very affordable to keep maintained.
  • Affordable: We offer significantly more affordable flooring installation options compared to tiles or stained concrete. And with how simple they are to maintain, they last longer and keep your costs low over time.
  • Damage Resistant: Our top coat is a durable solution to keep your floors safe against chemicals, scratches, and other potential damage.
  • Accentuation: Our floor options offer customized, ornate decoration for your company’s location.

Exterior Solutions

Surface Pros doesn’t just offer flooring options for inside your establishment, they are ideal for entryways, patios, and much more.

  • Durable: Protect your walkways from any potential damage from weather, foot traffic, stains, and whatever else your floors may be subject to.
  • Attractive: Customers and clients should feel welcomed to your establishment, as well as get a sense of your company’s style through your exterior entrances. An attractive atmosphere is the best way to introduce people to your company.