About Us

Surface Pros, LLC is a women-owned commercial floor coating company in Minneapolis, established by CEO, Stacey Ripley. The vision for Surface Pros is to provide quality service in the commercial industry for coating and concrete projects. By assembling a unionized group of floor coating specialists with over 28 years of combined experience, we have put together a team that has comprehensive knowledge of the concrete business. With our experience and know-how, we can handle your concrete and coating needs — providing you with great confidence that your job will be handled with expertise and care.

Our Innovation

Our team of technicians is continually learning about the industry and staying on the cutting edge of new products and installation practices. It is our mission to provide you with the best in the business from the employees we hire to the equipment we use and the products we apply. As the premier commercial floor coating company in Minneapolis, we are always in tune to how the industry is growing and changing and endeavor to create an environment where our company can grow and change along with the industry.

Our Legacy

At Surface Pros, it is our policy to treat every project as if it were our own and produce a product that is well above industry standards. We feel if you are going to spend the time and energy to do something, you might as well do it right and exceed the expectations of your clients. It is our dedication to our clients and their individual projects that has allowed us to grow and become a recognized commercial flooring company in Minneapolis. We are proud of our commitment to customer service and the relationships we have formed over the years. We endeavor to continue what we have started by dedicating ourselves to our customers and their coating needs - building meaningful and long-term relationships with our clients.